Characteristics and maintenance knowledge of various common fabric materials

Characteristics and maintenance knowledge of various common fabric materials

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Material: Rayon/Visxose viscose
Characteristics: It is a kind of recycled fiber made of wood pulp. The surface is smooth, soft and delicate, absorbs sweat and breathes, has good touch, good drape, shiny, easy to shrink and high value. There is no problem with static electricity and raising balls.
Maintenance Tips: Washing will make the fiber shrink and deform. It is best to dry clean or use cold washing. It should not be soaked in water for too long. Do not wring it out with your hands. When ironing, cover it and iron it. 130-140 degrees is appropriate.
Material: Acetate vinegar / Triacetate acetate
Characteristics: Semi-synthetic fibers obtained by acetating cellulose with cotton chips or specially refined pulp. These fabrics have a silky touch, a firm and elegant luster, moderate moisture absorption, good ventilation and sag, no yellowing, flammability and no static electricity. Not afraid of insects and mildew.
Maintenance instructions: the best dry cleaning, if the hand wash water temperature is below 30 degrees, should not be soaked for too long. When ironing, the cloth is covered from the back of the cloth and the temperature is between 80-120 degrees.
Material: Cotton Cotton
Characteristics: moisture absorption, breathable, soft and tough, not strong gloss, good touch, washable, easy to dry, good dyeing, strong acid resistance, juice will make the fabric yellow, no static electricity, no dust, easy to wrinkle.
Maintenance Tips: When washing by hand, please wash with soap or neutral detergent. The water temperature is below 30 degrees. Do not use detergent containing fluorescent agent. Do not soak for too long, avoid direct contact with washing powder, do not soak bleaching powder, wash frequently, medium temperature Hot, do not use a dryer. Cotton fabrics are extremely moldy and must be kept dry before collection.
Material: Silk silk
Characteristics: soft, beautiful luster, hygroscopicity, poor heat resistance, not suitable for high temperature ironing.
Maintenance instructions: Dry cleaning is the best way. If it can be washed, it can be washed with cold water, and hot water, alkaline or concentrated acid detergent can be banned. After dissolving in 30 degree neutral detergent water, put it in the wash, gently wash it, wash it, do not twist the water, let the water on the clothes drip naturally, then hang in the ventilated place, dry, disable Exposure. When ironing, it is advisable to keep the fabric at a low temperature and put a cloth on it to prevent damage to the fabric.
Material: Linen Linen / Ramie Nettle
Features: It is easier to wrinkle than cotton, easy to dissipate heat, high temperature absorption, good hand and luster, harder, no static, fluffing ball phenomenon.
Maintenance instructions: can be hot and cold, suitable for alkaline soap or neutral washing.
Material: Polyester Polyester (Polyester)
Characteristics: shiny, strong elasticity, good hand feeling, not easy to fade, wear-resistant, static electricity, no wrinkles, poor water absorption, no damage by micro-bacteria, bacteria or insect moths, easy to wash and easy to maintain.
Maintenance instructions: Washing temperature below 30 degrees, use neutral detergent, ironing moisture between 80-120 degrees, do not have to iron.
Material: BEMBERG copper ammonium wire
Features: It has the characteristics of sputum, absorbs sweat and breathes, has good drape, and has a surface feel like silk.
Maintenance instructions: the same as.
Material: Acrylic Acrylic (Acrylic)
Characteristics: soft texture, light and elastic fiber, strong heat preservation, and strong resistance to acid and alkali.
Maintenance instructions: apply to a variety of lotion washes.
Material: Nylon Nylon/Polyamide Nylon
Characteristics: It has high elasticity, is not easy to wrinkle, has strong abrasion resistance, high gloss and softness, weak heat absorption, and has the characteristics of mildew proof and insect proof.
Maintenance instructions: easy to dry after washing, apply general lotion, if the clothes are yellowed for a long time, it should be aired in a cool and ventilated place, ironed with a cloth cloth, humidity 120-130 degrees.

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