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What color is suitable for people with very white skin?
Women with very white skin color have a wide range of colors, and they wear white clothes to look more white; wearing light-colored clothing is quiet and elegant, giving people a sense of extraordinary elegance.
What color is the reddish complexion?
If the reddish complexion is matched with light-colored clothes, it will look more rosy. This is the harmonious effect produced by color and skin color.
What color is the black red face suitable for?
Black and red faces are best not to choose two colors of light pink, light green and blue-green clothing, because the contrast of this color is too strong, it will make the skin look too red or even purple.
What color is suitable for people with yellowish or near-brown skin?
This kind of skin color is not suitable for clothing with excessive brightness such as blue and purple. People with yellowish faces are advised to choose light pink, or white flowers, white small red clothes, which can make the face look colorful.
What color is suitable for people with dark skin tones?
People with this skin color will wear more black and dark brown clothes. Because the black object has the function of absorbing light, the black clothing can make the wearer's skin appear purer than the original white, and the healthy and healthy person will wear a black dress without any decoration, which will be more white, elegant, slim and generous. , solemn, noble, giving a mature beauty. But people with dark skin tones have the opposite effect, and the effects are different, even counterproductive. Among the various patterns, the combination of the lines is most likely to produce a visual effect, thereby functioning to change the body shape.
There are many types of lines, and there are four types of horizontal lines, vertical lines, diagonal lines, and curves.
The horizontal line makes the person's gaze from one side to the other, not from top to bottom, so it can increase the width and ignore the height. The effect of increasing the width of different horizontal lines is different. The horizontal line is less, or the contrast of the colors is a little stronger, or the spacing of the lines is larger, or the lines themselves are wider or decorated to be noticeable, which will enhance the effect. If the colors and styles are different, or if there are too many horizontal lines and densely arranged, the effect is worse.
The vertical line makes the person's gaze look from top to bottom, making people look slimmer. However, too much verticality will reduce the effect and create a sense of confusion. If the two vertical lines are very open, it will make people look fat and short.
The slash can guide the line of sight through the curve of the human body at a certain angle, resulting in a long and soft visual effect. Slashes can have the effect of widening or lengthening, the difference being the difference in angle and the length of the line. A shorter diagonal line will guide the lateral shift of the eye, creating a wide impression; a long diagonal line will lead the longitudinal shift of the eye, leaving a narrow impression.
The curve is a sign of women, and the curve is more likely to capture the observer's gaze than straight lines and diagonal lines, but the effect is not as obvious as they are. In the decoration, the seams or the edges of the clothes are suitable to emphasize the curves of the body with curves, giving a gentle and more feminine feeling.

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