Six women wearing harmful six women's clothing are harmfulSix women wearing harmful six women's clothing are harmful

Six women wearing harmful six women's clothing are harmfulSix women wearing harmful six women's clothing are harmful

Perfect Dress
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Dressing properly can make women more beautiful and healthier; if they are not properly dressed, they may be hurt or even cause illness. Therefore, women are equipped with taboos.
Tight and narrow bra
If a woman wears a tight and narrow bra for a long time every day, it will affect the blood circulation around the breast and surrounding it, so that toxic substances stay in the breast tissue, increasing the possibility of breast cancer.
Wear high heels for a long time
Especially when women walk long distances in high heels, they can cause foot problems.
Too small and too tight underwear
Some women who are not perfect are looking for a sleek effect, often wearing small and tight underwear, which will not only feel uncomfortable, but also the rubber bands and elastic fibers that are on the body will affect blood circulation and local muscles. Inflamed because it is not breathable and sweaty.
Siamese corset
Many women with chest, stomach, and lower abdomen prefer to wear a corset. This kind of clothing can cause heartburn, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath, and even heartache.
mini skirt
If you wear a mini skirt for too long, it will form a cellulite in the legs and feet. Because this is a physiological reaction made by the body parts exposed to cold air, a fat protection group naturally formed to avoid muscle frostbite.
Nylon stockings
Wearing it for a long time can cause skin irritation, especially for women who have had pollen allergy and hay disease and are allergic to pigments. These women must also stay away from clothing made of wool and mohair.
Buying a good-looking and popular clothes requires careful consideration, but the highest difficulty lies in how to choose the clothing that suits your body, body shape and personality from the fashion trend. It is necessary to wear a comfortable and pleasant fashion, but also to have a sense of fashion. Looks curvy, don't expose the shortcomings of the body at all, in fact, this is not difficult, now teach you 10 kinds of coups.
Smooth lines with a beautiful effect
This year's popular outlines are: A-shaped, wide lines; the upper body fits, the lower body is loose; straight and wide lines; simple lines, etc., so you only have to master these matching contours, you will have a beautiful effect.
Balanced split ratios highlight popular messages
This season, the proportion of the upper body is shorter, and the lower body is significantly increased. In addition to the choice of short tops and T-shirts, in order to express different layers, add a round neck or V-neck short vest to the short top. The small jacket can emphasize the popular message, just by layering the effect of the body.
The difference in material fabric can create a different atmosphere
If you want to wear different clothes, you will have different temperament, you need to carefully select the material materials of the clothing. Generally speaking, the plain woven fabrics such as cotton, hemp and other natural fiber materials can create comfort and lightness. Feel; chemical fiber or snail silk has elasticity and falling feeling, which can create a more sexy atmosphere; silk or chiffon yarn and other textures are soft and transparent, showing a flowing temperament; knitting or sheep hook yarn, etc. There is unlimited elegance.

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