Scarf matching rule collar scarf matching rule

Scarf matching rule collar scarf matching rule

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Plain clothes with plain scarf
Because clothes and scarves are plain, they can be used in the same color, such as black one-piece dress with gray scarf; you can also use different colors to contrast each other, such as black suit with red scarf. In addition, such as silk clothes with velvet scarf; cotton clothes, wearing silk scarf; or wearing pure wool clothes, with silk scarf, etc., with different texture materials to distinguish, there will be good visual effects .
Plain clothes with printed scarf
The highest guiding principle is to have at least one color on the scarf and the same color as the clothes. For example, when wearing a pink dress, it is possible to take a light yellow base and a pink dot towel.
Printed clothes with printed scarf
People with a strong artistic preference can choose this highly versatile way to highlight their personal style. When clothes and scarves are printed, the colors of clothes and scarves must be divided into "main" and "sub". The so-called protagonist, usually the color is stronger, or the pattern is more vivid. In general, it is recommended to use the color of the scarf as the "master" and the color of the clothes as the "secondary".
Printed clothes with plain scarf
This type of collocation must be taken care of, so that the color and scarf on the clothes should complement each other. There are two ways: you can choose a scarf of a certain color on the clothes print, such as a beige dress with a brown bottom and beige flowers, you can wear a beige scarf. Or, with the most obvious color on the clothes, use the contrast color of this color to select the appropriate scarf, such as the same brown bottom, beige floral dress, if the beige floral is not obvious, you can directly choose the contrast with brown. Olive edge scarf to match.
Plaid clothes with non-directional print scarf
Some people like to wear clothes with simple stripes or plaids. These attributes are more suitable for non-directional printed scarves. For example, when wearing a coffee and painstaking stripe suit, it can be worn with a light brown paramecium print scarf or a light brown scarf with a small repeating regular geometric pattern. If the clothes and the scarf are directional printing, the printing of the scarf should avoid repeated printing with the clothes, and also avoid the stripes and the direction of the clothes.

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