Read the style of underwear and read the style of underwear.

Read the style of underwear and read the style of underwear.

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The rapid development of science and technology, giving underwear a new meaning and changing functions, provides a wider choice for women.
● Full-face bra means that all the breasts can be contained in the cover, which has the effect of supporting and lifting concentration, and is the most functional cup.
● The cup bra generally has the function of concentrating the chest, and the performance is worse than that of the full cup, but has a better modeling effect.
● Half cup bra is good for matching clothes. Although the function is weak, the lifting effect is quite satisfactory. The smaller chest is more plump after wearing.
●The strapless bra is mostly supported by a steel ring to support the chest, which is easy to wear with off-the-shoulder and wide-neck sexy clothes.
● Magic bra is padded on the inside of the cup to enhance and support the chest, which can express the chest and deep cleavage.
●The surface of the seamless bra cup has been seamlessly treated and sewn into a thick cotton pad. The platform under the chest is also seamlessly processed, which is suitable for tight clothing.
● The front buckle bra hook is installed at the front, which is generally easy to wear and has a concentrated effect. However, it should be noted that if it is worn excessively, it causes the fabric to age and lose the elastic supporting force, which will cause the chest shape to open.
●The long-breasted bra is also a type of standard bra. The lower end of the cup is longer than the average, and it can concentrate the belly and back fat and excess fat on the chest.
●The strapless long bra can adjust the belly and waist of the fat, showing your curve. It is very popular nowadays for matching sexy clothes, such as evening dresses.
Little cute can also be regarded as a kind of bra, which is usually used to wear clothing or casual wear at home.
●Sports underwear has a certain vibration support force and has the function of shockproof. When exercising, it has the function of fixing the chest shape and protecting the breast compared with the general bra, which can avoid injury during exercise.
●Standard full-body corset is a functional underwear that combines the functions of a bundle waist and a pair of pants. However, when purchasing, pay special attention not to squeeze the curve on the chest or hip.
The diamond shape of the diamond-shaped body coat has a compression function, and the upper body is designed to fit the belly fat movement.
●The length of the long-sleeved corset is about the middle of the buttocks. It is suitable for the upper body and the lower body to be different and the upper body is worn by the upper body.
●The breastfeeding bra has an opening in front of the bra. Whether it is a half-open cup type, a side open cup type or a cup type, it is designed to feed the baby. Some designs are more unique, that is, the mother can be in public places. The baby breastfeeds without the embarrassing function, is suitable for the mother of the newborn baby, and some also has the function of sterilization and perspiration.
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