How to clean thermal underwear

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Warm underwear is light, thin, soft, and well-known for wearing close-fitting. However, thermal underwear is different from ordinary cotton underwear, which is mostly made of synthetic materials with high technology content. If it is not properly washed, it will not only damage the fiber, but also greatly shorten the life of the thermal underwear. So, how to wash thermal underwear?
First of all, to understand that thermal underwear is divided into two categories.
First, the "liner" type thermal underwear
The inner liner fibers of such thermal underwear are mostly polypropylene fibers, which are easily shrunk and disengaged at high temperature. Moreover, the chemical glue-bonded fabric structure is less resistant to sputum, and in addition to being easily detached, it also causes the plastic film to be broken, and the fiber is thus rendered useless. Therefore, the correct washing method for this type of underwear is:
● Dissolve neutral detergent powder with warm water (do not use alkaline detergent).
● Soak the thermal underwear with water below 40 ° C (preferably 20 ° C to 30 ° C) and put it into the washing powder.
● Gently rub it by hand, or put it in a laundry bag and gently clean it in the washing machine (do not use the seesaw).
● Do not exceed 20 minutes for each washing process.
● Rinse the washing powder with water, gently unscrew the water, and then level it out. If necessary, use a towel to roll up the underwear and gently absorb the water, then dry it. Do not bake or put on the radiator (because it will destroy the polymer film in the interlayer and affect the hot pressing effect of the thermal underwear).
Second, no liner thermal underwear
They use the air between the layers of multi-layer cotton fabric to keep warm. However, they are combined with polyester low-elastic yarn, while polyester low-elastic yarn is easy to shrink and break when washed with high temperature or hard-washed. Because of the filaments used, it is easy to cause "spinning" phenomenon when broken. . The correct washing method for this kind of thermal underwear is: except for a little hard washing in the stains of cuffs and necklines, other parts should be lightly washed, or wrapped in a cloth laundry bag and then washed with a washing machine. The water temperature is controlled at 30-40 ° C, that is, the hand feels warm.

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